Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the max file size?
  • 10mb

  • What file types do you accept?
  • gif, jpg & png

  • Do you have any browser Addons?
  • We have a Firefox 4 & 5 Addon and a Chrome Extension. Just click on "Upload Tools" up top to download them.

  • What are the bandwidth & space limits?
  • Bandwidth is unlimited. There are no limits on storage whether you upload as a guest or a registered user.

  • How long will you host images for?
  • Images which have been inactive for more than 8 months are deleted. Beware of hosts claiming they never delete images.

  • Can I upload adult images?
  • You can upload both adult images and non adult images. Please make sure you check off the appropriate box before uploading.

  • Are there limits on image dimensions?
  • There are no limitations on the dimensions of the image.

  • Do you allow hotlinking of the original image?
  • We do not allow hotlinking of the original image. You can however hotlink the thumbnail.

  • Where can I leave comments or suggestions?
  • Please leave a comment or suggestion here

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